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Easy Meals: Perfect Taste Dry Rub Baked Chicken Breasts

Easy Meals: Perfect Taste Dry Rub Baked Chicken Breasts

on Sep 3, 2013 in Blog, Food & Gourmet | 0 comments

Perfect Taste Dry Rub Chicken Breasts - CookingWithKimberly.comIt’s Back-to-School for the kiddies, and right into a regimented routine for many families out there.

Well, if you’re looking to make dinner time easier & tastier, check out Niagara-based sauce, spice & chutney line Perfect Taste for culinary contentment.

An easy-to-use spicy, savory dry rub with South Asian flavor, makes baking chicken breasts in the oven a complete breeze.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Coat
  2. Bake
  3. Serve

Let Niagara-based web chef, Kimberly Edwards, from shares with you just how to do use this great Dry Rub & bake this chicken…

Now, if you have a Rice Cooker, you’re good to go. You’re “making dinner” while you’re helping little Suzie or Johnny with their homework, or maybe you’re even getting a few minute breather to yourself to get a good workout in.

Where can you get “Perfect Taste” products?

* For more Recipes & Reviews of Perfect Taste products, check out ‘Perfect Taste with Kimberly‘ – a web series from web chef, Kimberly Edwards, from Cooking with Kimberly. CWK is Made in Niagara too.


Be sure to check out more in Niagara’s Food & Gourmet on Made in Niagara!

Perfect Taste is Made in Niagara! Are you? List your Biz today…

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