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Kimberly Turner – Sports Coach & Mentor

Kimberly Turner – Sports Coach & Mentor

Preparing You to Dominate Your Sport!

Sports Coach & Mentor, Kimberly Edwards - Kimberly-Edwards.comKimberly Edwards can handle all of your sports & conditioning needs by coaching you herself or within her network of reputable, professional coaches.

  • Sports coaching in strength, agility & conditioning, as well as fitness
  • Softball/Baseball Coach (all positions)
  • Personal, Team, Online Coaching

Are you traveling through the Niagara Region and would like to train with an experienced, professional coach, Contact Us!

Check out Kimberly’s Web Chef of All Trades Show teaching us how to grip a fastball in softball & why!


Kimberly Edwards (nee Turner) is former pitching coach of the University of Northern Iowa, a division 1 team.

She attended Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas on a division 1 full scholarship as a pitcher/3B/utility player in 1996-1997. Her freshman year, the Aggies forwarded to the Regional Tournament in Fresno, California.

Kimberly then transferred to McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana where she finished her softball years on division 1 full scholarship. Kimberly was awarded her own seat in the McNeese Cowgirls Stadium for the honorable years she played there.

In university, Kimberly finished a Pre-Medicine degree as she graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, as well as minors: Chemistry, Criminology, Coaching. Kimberly has also nearly completed a Physical Education degree. Kimberly graduated with highest honors, Summa cum Laude with a 4.0.

Prior to receiving her scholarship to TAMU, Kimberly was sent to Australia via Softball Canada to play for a Western Australian softball team, the Kalamunda Knights, as a pitcher/3B/utility player where she received the Top Batter Award, as well as MVP of the team. Kimberly also qualified to play for the Western Australian softball team in Nationals while she was there for one year.

Aside from going to Australia to represent Canadian softball players, she played on two Ontario teams that went to Nationals. In 1996, she played for the National Home team, the Scarborough Rebels, and won bronze. Kimberly also won MVP Pitcher of the tournament. In 1997, she played for the Kitchener team when they went to Calgary for Nationals.

Kimberly played for many Ontario teams including: St. Catharines, Haldimand, Cawthra, Erin Mills, Scarborough and Kitchener.

She was also afforded the opportunity to travel to and play in Boisbriand, Quebec on a softball exchange program.

Kimberly has coached not only softball up to the university level, but also track & field in the high school up to the professional level, and even trained to compete in heptathalon, and has competed in semi-professional sand volleyball, and trained on the Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Coach Kimberly has also coached artistic & rhythmic gymnastics from the pre-kindergarten level up to masters competitors.

Athletically, Kimberly currently privately coaches sports, and all of their facets, such as strength, agility, conditioning, confidence and mental training.

Kimberly’s personal trainer is James Phelps of B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club.

She is also a model/actress, owns her own modeling & talent agency, is a Canadian jewelry designer, stars in the Cooking with Kimberly Show, runs two charities for cancer, and is an entrepreneur all around.

She also co-founded

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  1. Wow Kim you are a rock star,I watch your cooking videos,but you are truly a very busy girl.The sports and modeling you do it all.Keep it up and keep smiling

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