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Niagara Falls a New Boxing Mecca?

Niagara Falls a New Boxing Mecca?

on Oct 3, 2013 in Blog, Niagara Casinos, Sports & Fitness | 0 comments

With the development of casinos over the last 2 decades in Niagara Falls, it’s only a natural progression that boxing will make its way here in full force.

Niagara Falls skylineNiagara Falls, on both sides of the border, has a rich boxing history…

However, awaiting a big fight in Niagara is something everyone is well versed in.

Since the casinos have been open, I don’t know of one major fight held at any one of our casinos. We are still waiting…Why is that?

We have the Red Bull Crashed Ice competition season about to begin again…and that’s outdoors in the winter up here. Brrr!

Mr. Gary Russell Jr.FYI: Did you know that our humble region is visited by the American professional featherweight boxer, Gary Russell Jr.? Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is one of his favorite places to visit.

  • What other casinos do you know of that overlook a Wonder of the World?
  • What better a place could you think of to make home to a Boxing Mecca of the World than Niagara Falls?!

Major fights held at our casinos would greatly increase tourism, even in off months, to our area, as well as attract celebrities, professional athletes, and movers & shakers of all varieties.

Boxing promoter & coach, James Phelps, of BAM Niagara Boxing Club is doing just that, working to bring that big fight to the Falls, as well as the likes of boxers like Gary Russell Jr.

Just as Toronto gets yearly events in that generate traffic to the city, such as TIFF or Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks, Niagara Falls would prompt not only great boxing, but spark bigger & better events in other sports as well.

Certainly, this would boost our local economy, even in our off-months for tourism. This could be pivotal for our area.

boxing glovesEncouraging our very own, home grown athletes, especially in boxing and other fighting sports, having the ability to see a big title match first hand is indispensable for their development & sports psyche.

With a new boxing center, athletes would be attracted to migrate to hone their skills inside of our country, instead of shipping themselves off to Vegas or other areas boxers hover to see & be seen, keeping our athletes at home, instead of them needing to look for other places they can get what they need.

This could also keep some of our young boxers here in Canada for university as well, feeding back into our economy, provided they’re getting the boxing instruction and exposure they need.

All sorts of opportunities for young athletes who have talent, but no place to show it off, or to come for real, gainful exposure would have an outlet, here.

Visiting not only to see picturesque Niagara Falls, or experiencing our unique wine tours, but to enjoy good, old-fashioned boxing matches at an upscale venue, Niagara Falls has it all for pugilism fans young and old.

Dragging our feet will get us nowhere…

  • What’s your take on Boxing at Niagara Casinos? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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