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Niagara’s Curry Sauce is Perfect Taste

Niagara’s Curry Sauce is Perfect Taste

on Jun 28, 2013 in Blog, Food & Gourmet | 0 comments

If you like to cook with curry sauce at home, then you’re in for a real treat!

Not only is Perfect Taste’s Curry Sauce extremely delicious, or we wouldn’t be mentioning it to you here, but it is Made in Niagara.

That’s right, Mr. & Mrs. James out of Niagara-on-the-Lake have developed the Perfect Taste line of sauces, spices & chutneys to get our Niagaran taste buds dancing on cloud nine.

Superbly balanced, spicy, savory and everything else you want out of a curry sauce, this sauce spreads well over meat, or is incorporated easily into recipes.

Check out this video review on ‘What I Say About Food‘ from

* Tip: Try adding coconut milk to the sauce for a creamy finish, or if you’d like to tame the spice down for your taste. 😉

This well-rounded sauce allows you to save time creating a perfect sauce from scratch, and rest assured, you know it’s tasty! Use this sauce on meats, vegetables & over top of rice.

The Perfect Taste line of deliciousness can be found at Harvest Barn Country Markets in Niagara, as well as numerous wineries around the Niagara Region.

* For more Recipes & Reviews of Perfect Taste products, check out ‘Perfect Taste with Kimberly‘ – a web series from web chef, Kimberly Edwards, from Cooking with Kimberly. CWK is Made in Niagara too.


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* Perfect Taste is Made in Niagara! Are you? List your Biz today…

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