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Niagara Food + Drink

Niagara Food + Drink

Whether you live in Niagara, or you’re thinking of passing through our great region, you’ll want to know about Niagara Foods!

Killer Strawberry - CookingWithKimberly.comDine-in or take-out? Looking for foodie finds to take home & create Niagara recipes with? We’ve got you covered…

Unique & wondrously delicious food items of the Niagara region, as well as Niagara restaurants & eateries is exactly what you’ll get!

Let our favorite web chef, Kimberly Turner from, who also happens to hail from Niagara, take you on a journey through Niagara foods & recipes in her web series, Made in Niagara with Kimberly.

Cooking Shows: Made in Niagara with Kimberly

These shows are made especially for, and are a fun, new addition to providing you with quality information about the Niagara region.

Niagara is rich in its variety of meats, cheeses, fruit & veggies, as well as specialty items from some very creative food-makers.

grapes - cookingwithkimberly.comWorld renowned, fertile soils in the Niagara region produce some of the worlds rarest varietals of grapes, as well as providing a terroir that makes us worthy of being called a great wine region.

These fertile soils are also home of amazing produce that provides our region with food, but farmers also export such goods & food products all over the world.

Web Chef Kimberly grew up in the Niagara region with close ties to the land. Her grandparents owned & operated a fruit farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, as a child. Currently, it is a flourishing vineyard.

butternut squash - cookingwithkimberly.comAn avid gardener, Kimberly continues the tradition of growing her own fruit, vegetables & herbs for her household, as much as possible, yet still enjoying a bounty of what Niagara has to offer.

Wherever you’re from, we do hope that you give some Niagara foods a try. Let us know how you like them too, by leaving a comment below.

We hope you enjoy these Niagara Foods & Recipes with your host, Web Chef Kimberly Turner, on Made in Niagara with Kimberly.